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Welcome to the year of the ox!

Well, I'm hoping not to relapse into vegetarianism, but I can guarantee that I will, at least, be Jewish for awhile, at least when it comes to my meat consumption. I've always struggled with eating pig meat, as is, but it pretty much sealed the deal when I drove up 2-mile hill this morning behind a PETA ad. The semi in front of me was stuffed full of shivering, scraped up, little pigs. Totally traumatic. I started crying right there. I mean, I know it happens and all. I just can't handle seeing it ... obviously. So, that being said, don't plan on offering me any bacon in the near future.

Otherwise, I know that it's been awhile since I've updated. The road's been a little rocky, but I'm making it through. I don't really wish to go into detail, so I'll simply move on.
I went sledding over the weekend. It was a load of fun. It was awesome to feel 5 years old again. I almost wimped out because I'd remembered everyone else's extra clothes and, astonishingly, forgot mine. But the frozen butt was definitely worth it.

There is more to be said, but typing on the iPhone is driving me batty. My computer's wireless has been down, so that has been the reason for my substantial absence. So, no, I did not get a life. ;P No worries. As soon as the resident computer doctor can pencil me in, I'll be as ever present as ever.

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